Tax Incentive Opportunity

Hiring tax incentives are available to companies that are growing and creating net new jobs; companies that are experiencing a high turnover in a given year; as well as companies that have seasonal employment swings such as retail chains, warehouses, manufacturers, restaurants, hotels and motels. Our experts are here to provide guidance on how to maximize the incentives you receive when hiring new employees, summer youths, new adults, new disabled veterans as well as benefits for each new long term family assistance recipient hired over a two year period.

Some of the programs that we look into on your behalf are the Work Opportunity Tax Credit, Hiring Incentives Restore Employment Act and the Small Business Jobs Act. The PATH Act of 2015 has significantly expanded the platform of Hiring Incentives. Local, state and federal tax incentive programs allow employers to reduce taxable liability of private-for-profit employers for the hiring of qualified individuals.